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Body Confidence Canada (BCC) advocates for equitable and inclusive images, messages, practices and policies supporting body diversity. Through progressive programming, community engagement, consulting and research, Body Confidence Canada strives to create an enhanced socio-cultural environment where all bodies can not only survive but thrive without fear of discrimination. BCC hosts the annual Body Confidence Canada Awards (BCCAs). At it's core, the primary goal of BCC is to uplift bodies and amplify voices. 

The BCCA’s acknowledge Canada- based recipients who are trailblazers advocating for and creating more inclusive spaces for bodies that have been traditionally marginalized. Recipients are champions of body diversity, body equity, and are actively inspiring those around them.Though we are not affiliated, we were so incredibly inspired by the United Kingdoms Campaign for Body Confidence (2009) and their inaugural UK Body Confidence Awards (2012), we decided it was high time to create a similar platform in Canada! BCCAs launched in 2013.

Our recipients challenge so-called status quos through arts, fashion, business, education, human rights, social justice, philanthropy, policy, health and wellness and so much more. BCCA recipients are literally helping to reimagine diverse bodies that are living, taking up space, and breaking through boundaries. Our recipients are Body Confidence and they inspire us to celebrate ours. 

Lets kickstart the Holiday Season together! Join us on December 2. 2017 at the Body Love Ball a fundraiser in support of Rainbow Camp, Body Confidence Canada Awards and the 519 Newscomer and Settlement Services. It’s a night of celebration - performances, DJ’s,inspirational speakers and a dance floor that won't stop till you do!  Join us in all our diverse splendour as we celebrate the skin we're in. Tickets available now!


EveryBODY has a story.

5th Annual BCCA'S 




Meet the BCCA Founders:

Jill Andrew, PhD  & Aisha Fairclough 

Contacts us :




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